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in walls, kids' rooms- a little inspiration on October 14, 2012 .

We have a large blackboard in the dining room of our house and it's great for keeping track of our life: what we're up to throughout the week, what jobs need doing and our weekly menu (only when I'm feeling terribly organised). Our two-year old daughter can reach the bottom of the board and happily scribbles her chalk masterpieces that she swears are flowers or buses or mummy & daddy.

I like to think we'll always have a blackboard. If our family grows it will help me keep track of who needs a packed lunch or a swimming kit or a card for a friend's birthday. It will also remind my husband, constantly, to strim the front garden. 

Despite being a big lover of blackboards I'm not sure I'd want to paint whole, large walls in blackboard paint, as has been done in some of the images below. Just feel it would be a little too dark for my taste to live with for long. On the other hand, small walls, or a section, nook or pillar - fantastic. With a frame, without a frame, with or without added art supplies, for little kids or big kids or the whole family, a blackboard can be for anyone or everyone and, with blackboard paint, it can be as big or as small as you like. 

A small selection of ideas follows, taken from our Houzz pages. You'll also find a great collection of blackboard images over on our Pinterest boards.

Images individually credited, via Houzz.


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