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Children's Wallpaper by Funky Little DarlingsContemporary Kids Wallpaper: Rush Hour by Ferm Living


For parents who prefer to strike a balance between a room their child will love and one that complements their home, there is now a wealth of inspiration on blogs and sites such as Pinterest, along with a great choice of fabulous, sophisticated product options for decor, furniture and furnishings that are child-inspired and child-friendly, but not childish. For younger children, these will help weather the storm of growing up so much better than a room full of Peppa Pig or Postman Pat. For older kids, investing in stylish, quality furniture that will stand the test of time, whilst keeping base decoration quite neutral is a good way to go. Feature walls, nic-nacs and soft furnishings can be added to provide an injection of colour or give a nod to latest trends, and can be easily updated as one year slips to the next. 


Our love of all things British may not have changed, but the Jubilee and the Olympics have passed and so too it seems has the interiors trend they inspired. At the recent Spring Fair (a huge designer and supplier showcase of all things homes and interiors), it was noticeable that the use of the Union Jack on furnishings and accessories for 2013 is far less in evidence than it was throughout 2012. However, for little girls, tea party and cupcake designs continue apace!


The natural world continues to inspire interior trends, including children’s, with botanical prints of leaves, trees and florals still very much in evidence. Woodland and forest animals such as foxes, owls, birds, deer and rabbits remain popular for bedlinen, cushions, wallpaper and wall stickers. I’ve also read that mushrooms will be big in 2013!


Judging from the amount of exhibitors at the Spring Fair offering shabby chic, retro and vintage inspired accessories, our love of these styles is clearly predicted to continue throughout the coming year too. Texture is trendy, as is recycling, upcycling, mismatching and using hand-crafted bits and bobs. For kids rooms, think painted or re-purposed furniture, knitted toys, crocheted poufs, patchwork quilts, layered bedlinen, heaped cushions, retro-inspired patterns and a dash of ditsy florals. 


At the other extreme, strong graphics, geometric shapes or cool minimalist modern may particularly appeal to older kids and teenagers, as well as design-loving parents. Scandinavian and dutch design seems to be leading the way when it comes to adding contemporary flair to our lives, and kids rooms are no exception. Mind you, I imagine minimalism can be pretty hard to maintain unless you’ve got some fantastic storage options (a must for kids rooms generally) and a child who likes tidying!


Colourwise, lilac and other sugary pastels, along with deep, earthy shades of bolder colours are popular in colour palettes for 2013, as are greens and yellows. Grey is still enjoying it’s time in the spotlight and is very much a contender for kids rooms.




Contemporary Kids Wallpaper - Pirate Seas in Grey, by Hibou HomeOak Tree Funky Kids Wallpaper by Isak


Striking children's wallpaper: "The Lost Garden" wall scene from Funky Little Darlings (very top left) has a stunning botanical print, whereas the "Oak Tree" from Isak (above right) gives woodland creatures a fun and modern outing. "Rush Hour" by Ferm Living (very top right) has a bold, single colour graphic, and "Pirate Seas" by Hibou Home (above left) gives a contemporary twist to a favourite theme for boys, seen here in the grey colourway (also available in blue).


Lettie Belle Rabbit Cushion in PurpleHelen Gordon Felix Fox PrintWoodland Friends Wall Stickers by Funky Little DarlingsBlafre Retro Style Owl Bedding
Woodland animals still feature heavily on children's accessories, such as on hand-made cushions by Lettie Belle (top left), wall stickers by Funky Little Darlings (bottom left), retro inspired art by Helen Gordon (top right) and bedding by Blafre (bottom right). 
Olli Ella Bedding for Children.
Soft greys and white combine with mustard yellow in this striking harlequin bedding collection by Olli Ella (left) and with pale green in this soothing nursery bedding set by Union Jack and Jill (right), complete with mushrooms!
Contemporary Children's Beds by Rafa KidsContemporary Toddler Bed by Leander
Fabulous contemporary furniture design for kids from the Netherlands (e.g. Rafa Kids, left) and Scandinavia (e.g. Leander, right).
Where to find...?
The Lost Garden Wall Scene, from Funky Little Darlings
Rush Hour Wallpaper from Ferm Living
Pirate Seas Wallpaper by Hibou Home, available from Ginger & May
The Oak Tree Wallpaper from Isak
Rabbit Cushion from Lettie Belle
Felix Fox Print from Helen Gordon or available from Not on the High Street
Woodland Friends Wall Stickers by Funky Little Darlings, available at Ginger & May
Owl Bedlinen by Blafre, available at Ginger & May
Harlequin Bedlinen, from Olli Ella
Toadstool Bedlinen, from Union Jack and Jill or available at Not on the High Street
Rafa Kids Beds, available from Bodie and Fou
Leander Bed, for product details see Leander; available from Amazon
Last update: July 07, 2013


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