Love Letters from Jonny's Sister

in kids' room accessories on June 17, 2012 .

I first came across Love Letters more than a year ago, in a magazine feature. The other day I found them again by chance and now I have a blog I can pop them on, in a small effort to help spread the word. No pun intended. Now, these are not love letters of the pen on paper type for diehard romantics, they are Love Letters of the large squishy cushion type, for diehard kids, whether young or of the adult variety. 

Hand-made to order using hand-woven fabrics, the large Love Letters are just under 1 metre high so will be bigger than a lot of little kids are. Ok, it has to be said, they’re not cheap at £185 but, let’s face it, if you’ve ever attempted to make anything as remotely complicated as a giant R-shaped cushion you’ll appreciate the reasons for the pricing, for the time and effort involved and the sheer quantity of fabric you’d need. It takes me the best part of a day to make a boring old square cushion.

The standard size Love Letters are 36cms high (and £49.75) and there are cute small ones for hanging on doors and such at 16cms (for £29.50). There is a lovely choice of fabrics available, which are also sold by the metre, perfect if you want to co-ordinate other items in the room. And they now come in felt too.

Large felt letter cushions from Jonny's Sister

What I like about these is that they’re personal, fun and functional. Not for displaying on the wall, but for lounging on, sitting on, jumping on, and snuggling up against.

Love Letters are made by Jonny’s Sister, a small company based in Dorset and on their website you will find a host of other letters, signs and personalised products too, for both children and adults. Click here to visit the Jonny’s Sister website

On Facebook you’ll find Jonny’s Sister here and they Tweet too!



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