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in on Pinterest, kids' rooms- a little inspiration on May 09, 2013 .

When I was about 10 or 11, I used to curl up on a large swivel wing-back leather chair in the corner of our dining room, swing it around to face the wall and read an Enid Blyton book from cover to cover. This was my nook. My little place where I could pretend no-one knew I was there while I enjoyed some quiet time and immersed myself in the make-believe world of the Famous Five and Mr Galliano's Circus. Sadly my parents have long since got rid of that chair otherwise I think I would now be claiming it for my young daughter. Her nooks constantly change. A box one day, a den made from sofa cushions the next, a little cardboard house we made. What's clear is that she loves curling up in a small space that must feel cosy and protective and all hers. One day I shall create a proper nook for her. And another one for me. 

And in all probability I'll find my inspiration on Pinterest...

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