String Lights Now Available to Buy

in kids' room accessories, product news on November 17, 2012 .

These cool, contemporary string lights by Cable & Cotton will look great in any room of the house, but kids will especially love them. Pinks will look whimsically pretty, yellows bright and cheerful, oranges vibrant, greens cool and blues nautical, whilst purples, browns and greys will look funky yet sophisticated in teenagers' rooms. 

Although Cable & Cotton are based in Brighton, the lamps are hand-crafted from cotton thread in a remote region of Central Thailand, in a factory set up as part of a project to help women in hardship find work. 

As well as being a great option for soft lighting in children's rooms, they will also be perfect for special occasions such as parties, wedding and Christmas. Boxed as a set of 20 co-ordinating coloured lamps, with cable and bulbs, for compiling in whichever order the recipient chooses, they are also a great gift idea.

Browse the full range of Cable & Cotton string light colours we have in stock


blue string lights by Cable and Cotton, great for kids rooms


green string lights, great for kids rooms, by Cable and Cotton


Pink String Lights by Cable & Cotton, great in kids rooms


Purple String Lights by Cable & Cotton, great for kids rooms


Pink string lights made from cotton thread, by Cable and Cotton

white, black and grey string lights, great choice for teenagers


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