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It has to be said, I think, that just because you like vintage style it doesn't mean your child will. Indeed, I sadly suspect that only a handful of our children will demand a bedroom that is styled with an eclectic mix of second-hand painted furniture, soft furnishings hand-made from colourful, retro-inspired fabrics and crocheted blankets. Let's face it, they'll probably think it old fashioned; teenagers will likely prefer a modern, funky vibe for their bedroom and younger ones will ask for a favourite theme, colour or (and I already anticipate the day my daughter makes such a request) a room full of Iggle Piggles, Tombliboos or some other characters from the t.v. with utterly ridiculous names (I shall politely say no and suggest vintage style instead). 


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Eclectic Kids design


However, if by some lucky chance your child does share your taste and reckons that vintage style rocks, then get out your sewing machine, your knitting needles or crochet hooks, spend a happy afternoon or two browsing around antiques markets and paint that old chest-of-drawers that's lurking in the loft. With a smile, naturally, for a vintage-styled space will be a happy, comfortable, unpretentious kind of place.


Try starting with an iron bed, a few pieces of painted furniture and soft lighting. How about fairy lights? Throw in cushions in a multitude of patterns, colours and textures, a patchwork bedspread or crocheted blankets, and a rug or two. Add beanbags or floor cushions in cheery fabrics and open shelves full of wooden toys, knitted toys and books. Hang bunting and garlands, and find creative ways to display their own art alongside anything you've bought or found, informally and in plentiful quantity. Try pretty floral wallpaper on one wall, or maybe a large scale map. And why not mix it all up with a modern touch here and there? Et voila, quirky vintage style that's warm, inviting and with a personality of it's own.


Contemporary Kids design by Other Metros Media And BlogsJeanette Lunde


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Eclectic Kids design


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