Paris Wall Sticker Frieze
Paris Wall Sticker FriezeParis Wall Sticker Frieze

Paris Wall Sticker Frieze

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Fabulous wall frieze featuring the sights of Paris and its cosmopolitan lifestyle. Amazing detail on the stickers, which can be arranged as you choose. 

The adhesive will work on any smooth surface such as walls, furniture, windows etc. Instructions are provided and the sticker can be removed if necessary.

The kit contains the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, a set of townhouses, cyclists, a canal boat, five lamp-posts, six cats and dogs, and a hint of cafe society with bistro chairs and french food.

The length of the line is approximately 5 metres, along which you can arrange the stickers as you choose. As a guide, the Eiffel Tower is 4cm wide at its base by 9cm tall, the Arc de Triomphe is 6.5cm wide by 7cm high, the townhouses are 7cm wide by 5.5cm high and the Paris sign is 5.5cm wide by 1.5cm tall.

100% vinyl

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