New York Wall Sticker Frieze
New York Wall Sticker Frieze

New York Wall Sticker Frieze

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Fabulous New York wall frieze with skyscrapers, yellow cabs and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The adhesive will work on any smooth surface such as walls, furniture, windows etc. Instructions are provided and the sticker can be removed if necessary.

The kit contains 13 buildings, a bus, three taxi cabs, a bridge, the Statue of Liberty, a dog walker, a lake, trees, and various themed motifs such as fast food, a hot dog vendor, the stars and stripes flag and several signs, all of which can be arranged as you choose around the metro line.

The length of the metro line is 5 metres. As a guide, the Statue of Liberty is 2cm wide by 7.5cm tall, the Empire State Building is 2.5cm wide by 12cm tall and the New York sign is 5cm wide by 3.5cm high.

100% vinyl

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