Belle's Meadow Wall Sticker
Belle's Meadow Wall StickerBelle's Meadow Wall Sticker

Belle's Meadow Wall Sticker

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Charming wall sticker featuring lovable Belle and Boo picking spring flowers in a colour-filled meadow.

Contains 1 sheet of 23 stickers; sheet size 50cm x 63cm.
Width of the floral banner is approx 95cm. Belle's height is approximately 36cm.

Belle & Boo wall stickers are printed onto an award-winning durable, woven polyester fabric which can be stuck to virtually any surface in the home. It leaves no sticky residue and won't shrink or curl. It even wraps around corners and ceilings. It never stops being sticky so you can take it down, re-decorate and then use it again, perfect for children's bedrooms.

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